Tuesday, August 1, 2006


This fall, Detective Ed Green steps up to become Top Dawg; the senior partner now that Joe Fontana has moved on from the 2-7. Green will be partnered with a younger detective.

And for the first time ever on the mothership of the 'Law & Order' franchise, that partner will be a woman.

As Ed Green, Jesse L. Martin came in as Lennie Briscoe's partner as the franchise ramped up with the spin-offs 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' and 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent'. To help launch both of those series, Detective Green has crossed over to them both, as well as to the short-lived 'Trial By Jury'.

So for the month of August, during this year in which we are saluting 'Law & Order', we of the High Council of Toobworld Central, all both of me, proclaim Detective Ed Green to be the latest inductee into the Toobworld Crossover Hall of Fame.

So say me all.....

"Law & Order" (162 episodes so far)

Law & Order: Trial by Jury" (1 episode)
Skeleton (15 April 2005)

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" (1 episode)
Poison (11 November 2001)

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (2 episodes)
Or Just Look Like One (4 October 1999)
Entitled (18 February 2000)


And since we've hit the half-way mark for the year, we'll start running the complete list of the 2006 inductees so far......

January - Lennie Briscoe
February - Anita Van Buren
March - Donald Cragen
April - Mike Logan
May - Jamie Ross
June - Dr. Elizabeth Olivet
B'day Honors - Faith Yokas
July - Rey Curtis
August - Ed Green

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