Wednesday, August 2, 2006


Snapple-lovin' Michael Ausiello of the TV Guide scooped:

Brace yourselves — the 'Gilmore Girls' and 'Veronica Mars' universes are about to collide! I just got a smokin' hot tip that 'Gilmore' guy Matt Czuchry will cross over to 'Veronica Mars' on Oct. 24 — but not as Logan Huntzberger. It's better: He's playing Charlie Stone, half brother to none other than Logan Echolls! Can you believe it? Logan is playing Logan's brother! I love it!

I don't. This isn't a crossover. It's just stunt casting. And their so-called "universes" (they share the same one!) aren't colliding. A "collision" would have occurred had Czuchry appeared on 'Veronica Mars' as Logan Huntzberger.

This might even play hob with any possible, actual crossovers between the two shows during the next season on the fledgling CW. If a true crossover was to occur between the two series after this episode airs, Logan Huntzberger couldn't be involved.

Otherwise people would want to know why Veronica doesn't recognize Logan Huntsberger as Charlie Stone.

'The Single Guy' faced a similar problem when David Schwimmer guest starred as his 'Friends' character of Ross. One of the regulars on 'The Single Guy' was played by Jessica Hecht, who also showed up now and again on 'Friends' as a different character; and one whom Ross knew well.... Susan, the lesbian lover of his ex-wife!

So to avoid having Ross meet her as Janeane and not exclaim out loud - "Hey! You're the bitch who stole my wife away from me!", she was conveniently kept in the kitchen during the one scene where they might have met.

That's the sort of thing that would have to happen should there be any kind of "Gilmars" crossover. There are plenty of other townsfolk to encounter should Veronica Mars ever go to Stars Hollow, Connecticut. And Rory Gilmore could always leave her Logan behind at school should she ever go out to Neptune, California.

But calling Matt Czuchry's appearance on 'Veronica Mars' a crossover? Pulleaze!


I always thought that Susan and Carol (Ross' ex-wife) should have been added to some other sitcom as regular supporting players. And Jessica Hecht and Jane Sibbett still could be included in some future cast as those two characters. It'd be a nice way to keep the 'Friends' magic going without making the mistake of focusing the whole show around them a la 'Joey'.......

Just sayin' is all......

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