Friday, August 4, 2006


I went into FYE today with only one purchase in mind - the recently released DVD box set of the single season 'The Adventures Of Brisco County, Jr.'......

It's recommended price was $99.97. FYE lopped off another ten. With my Backstage Pass discount.....

It was still too much. I'll take my chances with

So instead, I picked up these three beauties for less than the price I would have paid for just Brisco's box.

Now had it been Dixie Cousins' box......Giggety giggety giggety!

1) "The Point" by Harry Nilsson and narrated by Ringo Starr
I remember seeing this on ABC in those BC years (before cable). Back then, I KNOW it was narrated by Dustin Hoffman.

I wonder if, when I was a teenager, I would ever consider the concept of a Beatle as a replacement to be something of a let-down....

2) 'Hazel' - The complete first season
I used to love this show, but it lost something for me when Don DeFore and Whitney Blake were written out of the show to be replaced by other actors. Shirley Booth is fantastic however and her sheer force of will as this maid kept me from abandong the sitcom after the changeover.

This set is all 35 episodes from the first season on two discs.

3) 'Make Room For Daddy' - the complete fifth season
I didn't see the first four seasons offered there, so I wondered if they're even available. This could be a case like with 'The Joey Bishop Show' which began with the second season for its release of boxed sets.

The set also includes the episode which launched 'The Andy Griffith Show', footage of Danny performing with some of the Rat Pack, and for pure schmaltz, Danny's story about his relationship with St. Jude.

I have a feeling it will also include info on how to donate.

"Me and my dinero......"

Sorry, Schmilsson.


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Brent McKee said...

Just a guess with Make Room For Daddy but the first three seasons were the ones with Jean Hagen as Danny's wife while the fourth was Danny as a widower leading up to his proposing to Kathy. Something deep in my memory suggests that those episodes were never included in syndication packages.