Monday, July 31, 2006



The passage of Time is no deterrent to making links between characters via tele-genealogy, even if several centuries have passed. We may not know how to get from Character A to Character B, but it's as plain as the noses on their faces that they must be related... especially when (thanks to tele-genetics) they share that same nose.

The latest case in point (by way of 'Mercy Point', as a matter of fact):

To the outside observer visiting the town of 'Eureka', Oregon, Henry Deacon is just the local garage mechanic. Sort of its answer to Mayberry's Gomer Pyle. Well, Shazayam! Henry is also a leading scientific genius specialing in anti-grav devices, quantum mechanics, what have you.

If a high IQ is a trait that can be passed down through the generations, it might splain Dr. Grote Maxwell's reputation in the field of alien physiology at the 'Mercy Point' medical center near the Sadahrtic Divide.

Grote Maxwell was born in 2210, near the Callisto Gas Mines; bit a walk from Oregon. His mother, who may have been of the Deacon family, died from an alien disease when Grote was 12 years old. And he hasn't seen anyone else in his family since he got out of med school.

Not that Grote Maxwell could have seen Henry Deacon, save in a holovid perhaps, since they were separated by nearly 250 years, but it's my contention that they are indeed family.


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