Wednesday, August 2, 2006


Dave and Marsha Scheuermann's romance has centered around 'The Andy Griffith Show'. They met in a TAGS chat room back in 1997, then in person at a celebration of the show in Andy Griffith's home town of Mt. Airy, and then married in 2001.

And their love for each other and for the show has been realized in a bed&breakfast that they run in Clear Lake, Minnesota, about 90 miles north of Minneapolis. The place is called "The Taylor Home Inn" and guests have a choice between bedrooms celebrating Aunt Bee, Andy, or Opie. And the living room is an exact replica of Andy's living room on the show.

I'm not sure if the kitchen pantry is stocked with kerosene cucumbers, though.......

"It was kind of surreal," said Craig Luns, who was a recent guest there in an article found at "It seems like you are right inside the television show."

Currently they're renovating the basement to resemble the courthouse and jail - that would be the place to stay if you're traveling as a single and wanted to live the good life a la Otis Campbell.

And they'll even construct Wally's Filling Station, which should provide a nice sideline for the business.

Here's a "What If?": What if they brought back 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' and Mary Richards stayed for a night at this place? That would create one heck of a Zonk!

Hey, we're dealing with not only 'The Andy Griffith Show' but also 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'; I HAD to say "heck"!


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Marsha said...

We are the people you mentioned here in your blog. A couple of corrections: We are in Clear Lake, Wisconsin, which is about 50 miles north and east of the Minnesota/Wisconsin border town of Woodbury (part of the Twin Cities metroplex). We have Wally's Filling Station finished except for the gas pumps (we will have those pretty soon), and the courthouse is framed up and ready to sheetrock. Our '61 Ford is in the body shop being painted to be a black-and-white squad car, and life is good living in Mayberry in the Midwest! --Marsha