Thursday, August 3, 2006


When 'Boston Legal' ended its second season in May, I was afraid we had seen the last of Denise Bauer at the law firm.

After all, she had just been told by Shirley Schmidt that she had no future at Crane Poole & Schmidt. And as she headed dejectedly back to her office, perhaps for the last time, there waiting for her was Daniel Post... with a marriage proposal.

So it would have been a bittersweet parting; at least she'd be happy, right? Ultra-rich guy - who was probably at death's door and who might leave her his entire fortune.

But she had been such a fun character to watch over the season. And who doesn't enjoy watching Julie Bowen?

But it looks as though we may get a reprieve. We may get to keep Bauer in Beantown a little while longer.

Thanks to, here's a preview of the first two episodes for the third season:

Episode 3.01 - Can't We All Get a Lung? [Airing September 26]: Denise is engaged to Daniel Post (Michael J. Fox), but she questions her choice when he is accused of buying a lung from a man dying of cancer, Tom Raulston. Tom's daughter, Megan, wants her father to keep fighting and testifies against them that Daniel agreed to pay for her college education in exchange for the lung.

Episode 3.02 - Pro Ana No Bono: Denise and Brad act awkward around each other.

Of course, that second episode, things don't look too good for Daniel no matter how the lung story turns out.

And whether or not Denise stays around beyond that?

We shall have to wait and view.....


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