Thursday, October 6, 2005


"That'll be perfect.
You'll live right across the hall.
Just like Ross and Rachel."
Holly Tyler
'What I Like About You'

When I saw that quoted in TVGal's column at, I didn't panic. I just reached for the "Complete Directory To Prime Time Network And Cable Shows" and looked up this series for where it's located.

What a surprise! Manhattan!

At some point in her sitcom life, Val Tyler (Holly's older sister) must have met Rachel Greene or Ross Geller, both of whom also lived in New York City.

I'm betting on it being Rachel, perhaps in connection to Val's public relations career and Rachel working in the fashion biz. Through Val, Holly would have come to know Rachel - they might have invited her and Ross to a party at their Upper West Side apartment, or they both went down to the Village and saw where they were living.

So not only can we save this from being a Zonk!, but we can turn it around to get a Missing Link!

Another satisfying day fulfilled. I think I'll go take a nap.


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