Thursday, October 6, 2005


This has nothing to do with TV, more to do with the movies and ultimately with Broadway musicals. I just wanted to make this claim somewhere so that it could be googled in the future to back up my boast that "you heard it here first!".

I went to see "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride" last night with my friend Mark. And near the end of the film, I leaned over and whispered "In ten years? On the stage of the Gershwin."

A few more songs to flesh it out and you've got a great love story. As for the George Pal-flavored puppetoons which could do things humans can't? Disney was able to surmount the challenges of taking a cartoon about animals and transforming it into Broadway magic; I would think this would be even easier.

The last time we see Emily might be tough to translate to the stage, but everything else would work - Scraps as a puppet; Bonejangles as a skeleton attached to a black body suit; even the occasional loss of Emily's body parts could be covered with stage tricks.

Like I said, you heard it here first.

Go see the movie, it's a wonderful, fast ride through a very dark imagination.


ps- It could work as a TV series as well. There! That should be sufficient to keep me in my televisiology grant money!

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