Saturday, October 8, 2005



I just finished watching the October 7th episode of 'Threshold'....

When it was decided that Baltimore Police Detective Rossi had to be brought in on what was happening at the Threshold project, J.T. Baylock warned her of the consequences should she decide to "gossip".

"There is too much at stake for this to become gossip at the cop bar."

And where might that cop bar be? I'm staking the claim that the Waterfront, previously owned by Tim Bayliss, Meldrick Lewis, and John Munch, and which was right across from their old precinct house, would be the ideal candidate to serve as the official cop bar in Baltimore.

Bayliss might not be a partner anymore, as he's probably serving time in prison. And Munch might be just a silent partner since he's now working in New York City on the Special Victims Unit. So Meldrick would be the main, visible presence at the Waterfront.

But even if Rossi went in there and told everybody her story, they probably wouldn't believe her. Besides, she never really did get the truth - Threshold offered up Al Quaeda as the easy catch-all villain for what was happening.

Who was going to believe Charm City nearly suffered an alien invasion?

Well, yeah... Munch would have.......


"Thin blue line between us and the terrorist invasion of Baltimore."
Beau Felton
'Homicide: Life On The Street'

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