Monday, October 3, 2005


[I was going to name this "Gosh, Mr. Wilson!" - more televisionary, you know, - but I know I can't be the only one out there who googles his own name..... ]

C.J. Wilson lives upstairs from Toobworld Central. He is known to my ceilings as "Thunderfoot".

He's appeared in the Broadway productions of "Henry IV", "A Long Day's Journey Into Night", and "The Best Man".

And this coming Thursday, he'll be appearing in an episode of 'Without A Trace' on CBS. It should be Episode #72, "Safe":

"The team searches for a missing teenager who was paranoid about his own personal safety and left an ominous message behind.They investigate whether the 15-year-old whiz kid is missing of his own accord in order to execute his elaborate plan to bomb his high school."

For Toobworld Central, it airs on WCBS-2 at 10 pm, Thursday. But check your local times and listings.


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