Thursday, October 6, 2005


My Iddiot friend, Brian-El of Krypton, tried out once again for the game show, 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire', and he checked in with this report.....

I went to New York last week to take the "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?"test/audition for the third time. This time, they did things a little differently: the test actually started at the given time, as we were herded into a cramped auditorium across the street from the studio and had to take the test jammed together in seats with no clipboards--we just had to juggle the test & Scantron sheet. Then we were given an hour break before the show tapings.

This test seemed to be the hardest of the three I've taken--there were about seven questions I wasn't sure I'd gotten right, including "gravidity is a medical term for what?", "tequila is made from what plant?", "what color is an amethyst?", and "in geometry, what letter represents the slope of a line?" (answers below). I got all those right, but missed "how many articles are in the U.S. Constitution?", so I'm pretty sure I got 29 out of 30 correct.

The taping was uneventful. I guess the high point for me was right after Meredith Viera walked out--it had been raining on & off all day, and Meredith turned to our audience section and asked "how's the weather out--is it raining?" I gave her the "so-so" gesture, which she saw and repeated--"so-so, huh?" Well, at least I got to answer one question! One nice-but-bland guy won $25,000, and one woman bombed out early on a question I know the answer to all too well: "Angina pectoris is pain caused by a lack of blood flow to what organ?" She said "the stomach". I

So I passed the test and was interviewed by a guy named Mickey. I was very upbeat, told him it was my third time passing the test and I realllllly wanted to get into the hot seat, and said I thought I'd do pretty well on the show. All to no avail, as I got the "sorry" postcard yesterday. I wonder if maybe they want very few people who might do well,as it's rare to see anyone get past $25,000 these days.

The shows I watched are scheduled to be broadcast Nov. 29 & 30 (Tue./Wed.), although last time I did this, the shows were not on when they were supposed to be--in fact, I never saw them.
As they say in football, three and out. I won't bother auditioning again unless it's convenient for me. Guess I'll have to be content living as a hundredaire.

Happy Fall,

gravidity = pregnancy
tequila comes from the agave plant
amethysts are purple
m is the slope of a line
there are 7 articles in the Constitution (I said 13)

Um.... oh yeah. I knew all of those.......
Yeah, that's the ticket!


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