Thursday, October 6, 2005


Apparently, as I was fixated upon theoretical crossovers for 'Doctor Who' all summer, I completely missed an actual crossover!

Granted, it was a crossover between two "reality" shows, but it involved two series that were broadcast on different networks (albeit both under the umbrella of the NBC mothership). And at least one of the two shows did make a crossover with a fictional series. (And even though it was 'Good Morning, Miami', it still counts!)

Oh, and the host of the second series not only appeared, but he serves as a swell-headed link to plenty of other fictional series.

Here are the details about this crossover:

In his brief time on the third season of 'The Apprentice', Danny Kastner distinguished himself by his guitar-playing, warm-fuzzy blather that really didn't mean anything and his really poor fashion sense.

It's that last bit, probably, that landed him on a makeover show.

In the latest example of rampant reality-TV cross-pollination, Kastner was the subject of Bravo's 'Queer Eye' Tuesday (Aug. 16). The Fab Five corralled Kastner's scraggly hair and explained that leisure suits weren't a fit for today's corporate culture.

Kastner's would-be boss, Donald Trump, made an appearance on the show made a bet with the 'Queer Eye' team -- who showed up on "The Apprentice" during its first season -- about the occasionally unfocused Kastner's ability to pull off a charity event.

If the Fab Five were able to help him do it, Trump was going to give Kastner another audience in his Trump Tower boardroom -- the real one.

[adapted from Zap2It's news story]

Unfortunately, I have no idea if Kastner pulled it off or not; but I can't shake this image of Trump leading Jai around the conference table as though he was Patrick McGoohan in "Braveheart" and leading the lad over to the big windows......

"And how do your culture tips prepare you for something like this......?"



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