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"Jane Eyre", the novel by Charlotte Bronte, has been adapted many times for television. And that means many of those recastaways must be relegated to alternate dimensions.

The very first portrayal of Jane Eyre was by Kathleen Crowley on 'Kraft Theatre' in 1951. But as it was a TV movie, and thus gutted of much of the storyline, I think it should be sent off to an alternate TV dimension. Other Jane Eyres who would be so classified include the portrayals by Samantha Morton, Sally Ann Howes, Mia Goossen. Joan Elan, Jan Sherwood, Katherine Bard, and Mary Sinclair.

Mia Goossen and Ilaria Occhini would be the Jane Eyres in TV dimensions in which the Dutch and the Italians dominated the planet, respectively.

(Jane Eyre & Mr. Rochester)
The official portrayal for Toobworld
That leaves the heroine as played by Ruth Wilson, Zelah Clarke, Sorcha Cusack, and Ann Bell who all appeared in mini-series adaptations. Since Ms. Bell played the role first in this manner in 1963, she is the official version of Jane Eyre in Earth Prime-Time (even though Ruth Wilson's televersion will probably have greater exposure in this DVD age.)

I would have liked it to have been Ruth Wilson (the subject of today's "ASOTV" showcase), if only to then make the theory of relateeveety that she is the ancestress to Alice Morgan of 'Luther'......

"Jane Eyre" (2006)
Played by Ruth Wilson (with Toby Stephens)

Jane Eyre (1997)
Played by Samantha Morton (with Ciaran Hinds)

"Jane Eyre" (1983)
Played by Zelah Clarke (with Timothy Dalton)

"Jane Eyre" (1973)
Played by Sorcha Cusack (with Michael Jayston)

Jane Eyre (1970)
Played by Susannah York (with George C. Scott)

"Jane Eyre" (1963)
Played by Ann Bell

Jane Eyre (1961)
Played by Sally Ann Howes

Jane Eyre (1958)
Played by Mia Goossen

"Matinee Theatre" - Jane Eyre (1957)
Played by Joan Elan

"Jane Eyre" (1957)
Played by Ilaria Occhini

"Jane Eyre" (1956)
Played by Daphne Slater (with Stanley Baker)

"Monodrama Theater" - Jane Eyre (1953)
Played by Jan Sherwood

"Studio One in Hollywood"- Jane Eyre (1952)
Played by Katharine Bard (with Kevin McCarthy)

"Studio One in Hollywood" - Jane Eyre (1949)
Played by Mary Sinclair (with Charlton Heston)

"Kraft Theatre" - Jane Eyre (1951)
Played by Kathleen Crowley

Isn't it funny that even though the story is focused on Jane, it's Mr. Rochester that seems to dominate these pictures?  (Except in the case of the Jane Eyre from Earth Prime-Time/Dutch.)

My thanks to a Russian blogger known as Goodwine (who could be named Выпивающий в ночи) for his blog entry about the many portrayals of Jane Eyre for these pictures.  If you visit his site, you'll also find the character as she appeared in several dimensions of the Cineverse and on stage as well.


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