Tuesday, September 25, 2012


What I posted to Facebook a few hours after the Emmy Awards telecast....

For once, I was actually pleasantly surprised by some of those names in television who were mentioned in the In Memoriam tribute segment of tonight's Emmys Awards. Robert Easton, for example. A few better known for other fields of entertainment probably should have been skipped in favor of those they missed. And there was one name on the list I didn't even know about, so that was nice. (Letterman's make-up lady - I bet he put in a call.) 

Also, I know it was ABC's year to host so that's probably why Dick Clark got the sign-off spot, but wasn't Harry Morgan's quote perfect to have wrapped it all up?

But you know me.... I think there should have been a few names added:
  • Peter Breck
  • Phil Bruns
  • Jonathan Frid
  • George Lindsey
  • Frank Cady
  • Don Grady
  • RG Armstrong
  • Joel Goldsmith
  • Ray Bradbury
  • Nolan Miller
  • Jerry Nelson
And that list is a lot shorter than I might have proposed!


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