Monday, September 24, 2012


As mentioned in passing yesterday, Samantha Morton was never in the running to be the official portrayal of Jane Eyre in Earth Prime-Time. Her televersion was from a TV movie and so a lot of details in the plot had to be scrapped to fit the running time.

I doubt Ms. Morton has ever heard of the Toobworld Dynamic, and even if she had she probably wouldn't care, but at least it can be said that she totally "pwns" the role of Sophia Western when it comes to the TV adaptations of literary characters......


Adorned with all the charms in which Nature can array her, bedecked with beauty, youth, sprightliness, innocence, modesty and tenderness, breathing sweetness from her rosy lips and darting brightness from her sparkling eyes, the lovely Sophia comes!
[Caption to a painting of Sophia Western]

'The History Of Tom Jones, A Foundling'

Henry Fielding

Samantha Western

Recastaway (Original)

Earth Prime-Time

From Wikipedia:
Sophia Western [is] the Squire's only daughter, the model of virtue, beauty and all good qualities.

An incident occurs in which Master Blifil lets go the small bird of Sophia's, given to her by Tom as a young boy. Tom tries to retrieve it but, in doing so, falls into a canal. This incident turns Sophia against Blifil but puts Tom in her favour.

Sophia is falling for Tom but his heart is given over to Molly, the second of Black George's daughters and a local beauty. She throws herself at Tom, and he gets her pregnant and then feels obliged to offer her his protection.

In the meantime, Sophia has taken pity on Molly and requests her father to ask her to be her maid, but the family council decides to put everything on hold until Tom's intentions become clearer. Squire Western, the local parson, Tom and Sophia are having dinner when the parson informs Western of Molly's condition, at which Tom leaves the dining table. Squire Western immediately jumps to the conclusion that Tom is the father of the bastard, much to Sophia's consternation.

Tom returns to his home to find Molly in the arms of a constable and being taken to prison. He bids him free her, and they go to speak to Mr Allworthy where Tom reveals he is the father, saying the guilt is his.

An incident now occurs in which Tom comes to the aid of Sophia. She goes out hunting with her father and, on her way home, is thrown by her horse. Tom, who is riding close behind, is able to catch her but breaks his left arm in the process. The accident brings them closer and there is the first stirring of love.


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