Sunday, September 23, 2012


It's time to pay the bills.....

This morning at work, I greeted an arriving co-worked named Joseph with my impersonation of Frankie Fontaine as Crazy Guggenheim. Crazy was a patron of Joe the Bartender's establishment in a series of sketches on Jackie Gleason's variety show back in the day.

"Uh - hiya, Joe!"

I should have known Joseph wouldn't get it - he came to this country in 1979. But I was amazed that even among the older co-workers, they just had no clue who he was.

When I was in second grade, Tommy Kilroy, Larry McLaughlin, and I "toured" the classes of St. Joseph's School with our presentation of a Joe The Bartender sketch. I was Joe, Tommy was Crazy, and Larry was the previously unseen Mr. Donahy. (In the TV sketches, he was the P.O.V. of the camera.)

I did a quick check of YouTube but this was all I could find for Crazy Guggenheim.....

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