Tuesday, September 25, 2012


WFSB, the CBS affiliate from Hartford, Ct., posted this on Facebook this morning:

Did anyone else see Olessa Stepanova's special guest this morning during her traffic report? Super Cow from Guida's [Dairy] stopped by to tell everyone to mooooove over on the highway this morning for the "Convoy of Caring" which will be making the 21 mile trek from Rocky Hill to Foodshare's Bloomfield Distribution center to help fight hunger and raise awareness of the challenges faced by 128,000 of our hungry neighbors every single day.

This makes Super Cow an actual denizen of Toobworld, if she hasn't already appeared on TV in the past (commercials and the like). Super Cow has as much validity in Toobworld as would Big Bird, Dancing Bear, Barney the Dinosaur and any other large-sized puppet people who interact with Humans.


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