Wednesday, February 15, 2012


"Lose the hands on the hips;
You look like Wonder Woman."
'White Collar'

No mention of the comic book, none of the TV show, so for the Toobworld Dynamic this was a reference to the actual Amazon princess/superhero. There was no mention of Diana Prince, so unless another TV show negates this theory, then we can assume her secret identity was still secure - unlike those of Superman, Batman, and the Flash. (And from what I've seen in the IMDb, the mentions have all been about Wonder Woman, not Diana Prince.)

Here's the full exchange of dialogue:

El: I’m gonna tell them I’m FBI.

Mozzie: That is the worst plan I’ve ever heard, literally ever. They won’t buy it.

El: Why not?

Mozzie: You don’t carry yourself like a fed.

El: Well, I’ve been married to Peter for over a decade. I can do this.

Mozzie: Okay, let me see your G-man impression.

El: Elizabeth Burke. FBI. I want to ask you some questions.

Mozzie: Okay, first of all, lose the hands on the hips. You look like Wonder Woman. Good.
Now I need to see more hatred in your eyes. You should exude pure evil, born of a blackened soul. That’s how they look to me!


Sending this out to my buddy Mark Thompson, who's a big fan of Wonder Woman......

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