Saturday, February 18, 2012


This last video related to the concept of humans reincarnated as dogs wasn't a Super Bowl blipvert; in fact, it's not a commercial at all. It's of my friend Kelly's dog Ollie:

You see what he did there?

Now, I'm not saying that in a past life Ollie was Samantha Stephens. Definitely not the Ollie from the Trueniverse. But now that Ollie is uploaded onto YouTube, he's got himself a "televersion".

Even so, I still don't think that Ollie was Sam. I think the method used by Samantha to cast spells was not limited to just her, that there were plenty of other witches and warlocks who could summon the magical forces with a twitch of the nose.

So the Ollie of Toobworld could be a warlock in his previous life. And reincarnation doesn't have to be involved.

It was established in the series 'Bewitched' that witches and warlocks had to transform themselves into something useful when their powers began to fade at the end of their exceedingly long life spans. (They may call ordinary humans "mortals", but witches and warlocks were far from immortal. It's just that humans would never live long enough to see them go through their full life-span.)

This is why - within the reality of Toobworld - we don't see Maurice, Endora, Aunt Clara, Uncle Arthur, and sadly, not even Samantha any more. (Toobworld Central has a suggestion for what Samantha turned herself into which would allow a continuation of the show with "participation" by the late and lovely Liz Montgomery - a TV set. I originally thought a remote control, but there was just something unseemly about somebody handling it and pushing its buttons....)

On the sitcom, they were transformed into such items as bed-warmers, chairs, and Samantha even thought Aunt Clara transformed herself into a cow. So we know that the possibility of a warlock becoming a dog was feasible.

And what could be more useful than a dog for its unconditional love for its master?

Like I said, I don't think Ollie is the reincarnation of Samantha. But his televersion could have been a warlock from the TV series. And although there were no warlocks named Oliver during the run of the show (Yes, I checked.....), nothing says he'd have the same name. Once he transformed himself, he would have had to accept the name Kelly gave him.

And why would this canine conjuror be living with Kelly? Does she need his protection? Is she a witch?

If you think I'm going to claim that, you're crazy. She may be on the other side of the continent, but she can still turn me into a newt!



Ray Of Sunshine said...

Or Oliver could show up suddenly as a previously unknown cousin on a show with a bunch of kids from two families

Toby O'B said...

Making him Cousin Oliver would just be animal cruelty.....