Monday, February 13, 2012


I have a feeling there are thousands of cat lovers in America who have vowed never to eat Doritos again. I'm actually surprised I haven't heard about any kind of backlash about this blipvert.

But a Toobworld splainin of the circumstances might soften their objections.

Everything done by the Great Dane - hiding the evidence, bribing the witness, writing the note - supports the premise that humans are reincarnated as dogs, retaining their human intelligence.
But with cats, using Salem of 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch' as a precedent, they're warlocks who have been magically transformed into witches' familiars. (Another candidate - Dickens on 'Tucker's Witch'.)

The late Fluffy might have been an evil warlock transformed into a cat, and somehow the Great Dane got the drop on him. Perhaps in his past life he had been a "witchsmeller" like Pursuivant from 'Black Adder'.
Of course, that is all supposition. But doesn't it make it better that the cat was killed because it was evil?


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