Thursday, February 16, 2012


 "What do we do?
Get Madam LaZonga to perform a seance?"
Detective Lennie Briscoe

'Law & Order'

Lulu Schultz was a childhood friend of Batman's foe The Penguin. She married a South American millionaire named Luigi Lasagne for his money, but he didn't have the decency to drop dead right away. After three weeks of wedded blerg, Senor Lasagne divorced her.

Needing money, she teamed up with The Penguin for a criminal scheme but they were foiled by the Dynamic Duo.
After Lola Lasagne served her time in the Gotham State Penitentiary, the former Lulu Schultz may have moved to New York City. There she may have changed her name to Madam LaZonga (after the song) in order to become a fortune-teller and spiritual medium as a means to earn a living. It may not have been strictly legal, but so long as she stayed away from any serious criminal activities, I guess the authorities turned a blind eye to her activities.

But even so, they were aware of her and detectives like Lennie Briscoe probably used her as a confidential informant on occasion (which would be how he knew her.)

It was 1994 when Detective Briscoe mentioned her in that snide remark to Lieutenant Van Buren, and Lola Lasagne would have been about 86 years old. That's not unreasonable to believe, even though Ethel Merman, who portrayed her, passed away ten years before. But she'd be dead by now, I'm sure. 104 years after her birth.....


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