Monday, February 13, 2012


'The Finder' already made a connection in Toobworld with its second episode due to a crossover appearance by Dr. Lance Sweets from 'Bones' (thus ensuring it of the "First Crossover Of The Year" Toobits Award for 2012.) In two weeks, Dr. Hodgins of 'Bones' will be making an appearance as well. And with Stephen Fry announced as a guest star, I'm assuming he'll be showing up as his recurring character of Dr. Gordon Gordon Wyatt.

But those would be official crossovers. With the episode "Swing And A Miss", 'The Finder' made an unofficial - and probably unrealized - connection to a 2002 TV series that I not only never saw, but which I didn't even know existed.

The HBO show "Baseball Wives" features a female ensemble, each married to ballplayers on a fictitious Miami-area team. The project was the brainchild of actress Michelle Grace, a former baseball wife herself who is a producer and cast member.

It starred Brian Bloom and was directed by Steve Buscemi, both of whom have connections to the premium network.

I don't know why I missed that. I have HBO....

The baseball team in question was the Miami Kings. And Walter's client, Frank Heywood, was a pitcher on that same team.
There was a scene in the team locker room that identified the team as the Kings, thanks to the background poster. And even though the series takes place on Looking Glass Key, Walter and Leo often travel to Miami for cases. As it is the biggest city in the area, Miami had to be the home of the Kings for that episode and not just a farm team base.

As such, I think Walter Sherman will end up qualifying for entry in the TV Crossover Hall of Fame....


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