Saturday, February 18, 2012


For the Saturday edition of the Inner Toob Video Weekend, we've got a slew of blipverts that aired on Super Bowl Sunday, but NOT during the Super Bowl.

Subaru forego the high-priced competition to get aired during the game to instead sponsor the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. And they urged their online fans to pledge to take their dogs for a walk during the game. (I would guess during the half-time show would have been best.)

But I'm including them in this week's run of Super Bowl blipverts (I'll have others next week!) because each of their ads add more to theory of reincarnation for humans into dogs.

Here are their commercials. I've put them together in sort of a year-long video diary, from Spring to Winter....

And this sort of thing isn't just happening in "Telemerica", but all over the world!


(We've already suggested that the reincarnated humans showed up in the Great White North, as seen in the Suzuki commercial.)

These reincarnated humans are finding each other - whether they knew each other in their past lives or not, I have no idea. And they are becoming braver about being seen in public as intelligent creatures. Although it could also be that they are making these trips in the early morning hours to avoid notice. (And as seen in the blipvert about parallel parking, trying to get back before their "masters" wake up.....)


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