Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Tom Ballard was a retired accountant who spent his final years in the Bayview retirement home where he became lovers with former photo-journalist Diana Trent. Tom had a very active imagination and would often regale other Bayview residents (especially the ladies) with tales about his adventures as an explorer and of his prowess as a Hollywood actor.

Tom's father may have had a brother who also had a son - Samuel Ballard, often referred to disparagingly as "Soapy Sam" by fellow counsel Horace Rumpole. Sam Ballard took advantage of Rumpole's journey to Africa on a case to become the head of Chambers, which kept him in constant conflict with Rumpole.
Sometimes it's best to make these theories of relateeveety about cousins rather than claim they could be siblings. There just might be a line of dialogue in one episode out of so many that could have slipped by, which would negate the premise. ("I'm an only child" - that sort of thing.) But how often do people really mention their cousins?

Besides, there's a better candidate for a brother for Tom Ballard, although I suggested in a previous post that he could be related to a Patrick McGoohan character.

I went with that theory because I was offered a bribe, and I still haven't collected......

'Waiting For God'
'Rumpole Of The Bailey'

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