Thursday, April 21, 2011


James "Dick" Lucas was the junior salesman in the menswear department of the Grace Brothers department store in London in the mid-1970's. (By "junior", it must refer to him being the last one hired, as he was only a couple of years younger than Mr. Rumbold [the manager] and a year younger than his co-worker, Wilberforce Humphries.)

He was let go from the sales force during a particularly slow period in the store's business, according to the floor-walker, Captain Stephen Peacock. (What happened to Mr. Lucas after he left employ at Grace Brothers will be the subject of a future blog post by guest contributor Michael Cleary.)
James Lucas may have had an uncle working for the legal department at the Foreign Office named Stephen Lucas. This Mr. Lucas stepped forward to testify in a trial regarding blackmail and the keeping of a "disorderly house".

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