Friday, April 22, 2011


As seen in the mini-series 'Edward The King', Princess Vicky, elder sister of the future King of England, drew up a list of possible princesses whom "Bertie" might choose from to be his queen. But her husband Fritz, the Prince of Prussia, knew how his brother-in-law might feel, given the choices.

One of them must have been exceedingly homely because Fritz remarked:

"Marie Von Altenburg? She would frighten Frankenstein......"

Like many people do today, Fritz was referring to the Monster, whereas the name "Frankenstein" actually refers to the Doctor who created it.
But the way he referred to the Monster, there was no mention of the book by Mary Wollstonescraft Shelley; O'Bviously there could be no mention of the movies. He could easily have been talking about the actual Monster that existed in Toobworld, whose horrible exploits would still be fresh in the minds of the European populace.

(The picture of the Monster is taken from "Frankenstein: The True Story" which starred Michael Sarrazin as the Monster. Sarrazin passed away a few days ago at the age of 70.....)


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