Monday, April 18, 2011


It's that time of year again......

'Saturday Night Live'

Jason Sudeikis

”Are you being audited?
Have you not filed tax returns for years?
Has the IRS come to your home or place of business?
The IRS will relentlessly pursue you for unpaid taxes.
TaxMasters can get between you and the IRS.
We’ll make sure they treat you fairly and treat you with respect.”
From the TaxMasters' website:
Patrick Cox is President, CEO, and Board Director of Tax Masters, Inc. (TAXS), a company dedicated to helping consumers solve their tax problems. Patrick Cox is a tax expert who founded Tax Masters in 2001, which has become one of the most effective IRS tax representation firms in the IRS tax relief industry. Before founding Tax Masters, Patrick Cox served as Vice President of Finance for Kemper Insurance Companies and owned a small CPA firm in Houston, Texas.

Houston based Tax Masters has served tens of thousands of clients and had incredible success with settling federal tax debt, defending clients in audit, setting up monthly IRS payment plans, and filing past-due tax returns. The company is publicly traded under the stock symbol TAXS.

But in Skitlandia, Patrick Cox has a "twin brother" attached to his head, like some mutant seen in "Total Recall".

Here's what they said about the sketch on the TaxMaster's website:

Imagine our surprise when we saw Jason Sudeikis near the end of 'Saturday Night Live' standing in front of the gold background and Tax Masters logo. The folks at 'SNL' even got the music right!

The cast of 'SNL' put together a very interesting take on why Patrick Cox stands just the way he does in the television ads and why that camera angle never seems to change. The way we see it, you might as well have an attached twin brother named Daniel as any other explanation.

I will say this. When we are on set shooting those commercials, the director is nowhere near as good looking as Jane Lynch. Maybe we could talk her into guest directing our next shoot!

Jason Sudeikis did a fantastic job with a subject who can be difficult to imitate. And no matter how much the cast and crew didn’t want to hang with you, Jason, if you happen to show up at the offices down in Houston we’ll be glad to buy you a beer.


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