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I've alluded to this several times in the last few weeks - as far as Toobworld Central is concerned, the televersion of 'Game Of Thrones' is located in the main TV Universe, just not on Earth Prime-Time. Its' "our" claim that the realm of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros was located on the original Earth, Mondas. ("Mondas" means "Earth" in the old languages, according to the Doctor.)

Mondas used to be in 1:1 orbital resonance with Earth Prime-Time. It is not known when it happened, but the Cybermen blasted the planet out of its orbit to roam the galaxy until it was finally destroyed upon its return to the Sol system in 1986.

Mondas is the Earth of the Creation story, made by God and populated with Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, the Snake, the whole big blue marble.

Meanwhile, Earth Prime-Time, "mostly harmless" and most similar to our own Earth, was built as a super computer by the Magratheans. Its version of Adam and Eve were astronauts Adam Cooke and Eve Norta, both from other worlds. In fact, it's our contention that Eve Norta escaped from the much older civilizations of Mondas. The "star chart" she drew in the dirt in explanation to Cooke seems to tell the story of Mondas. (As Cooke interpreted it: "That's your planet; that's where you came from. Your planet got out of its orbit and moved away from your sun. That's where you went; that's where your world went. But you got out.......")  This means Mondas had developed interplanetary travel by the time that the Dawn of Mankind was beginning on Earth.
Perhaps Eve Norta brought with her much of the lore of her homeworld, at least in oral tradition which she shared with Adam Cooke... and their children. This would be passed down to the future generations of Mankind and adapted/adopted as their own history and religion.

Being the much older planet, the evolution and civilization of Mondas developed earlier and perhaps even quicker than that on Earth. For one thing, they probably didn't have a Dark Ages which impeded scientific advancement on Earth. That gave Mondas a huge boost in their development.
But they still had a Middle Ages period and its in that era where we at Toobworld Central would situate such shows as 'Wizards And Warriors', 'Legend Of The Seeker', and of course, the show that just premiered on HBO, 'Game Of Thrones'. So that way, the TV Universe can keep the land of Westeros - as well as the realms of D'Hara ('Legend Of The Seeker') and Karteia and Camarand ('Wizards And Warriors') - without disrupting Earth Prime-Time with any geographical inconsistencies like the Narrow Sea and dragon-shaped continent of Asperans.


And yet!

In the week before 'Game Of Thrones' premiered, 'Chuck' Bartowski nearly sabotaged it all with a Zonk......
While reading a volume of George R.R. Martin's "A Song Of Ice And Fire", Chuck notes, "Eddard, you don't let your kids keep a direwolf. That's a terrible idea."

'Tis a Zonk most easily splained away, my Lords and Ladies!
The splainin follows a similar path taken for why 'Star Trek' exists as a series of TV shows sicne the 1960's and yet is the actual future of Toobworld. In that case, someone from the Future - and I'm thinking it has to be a certain Time Lord from Gallifrey - gave the televersion of Gene Roddenberry a complete history of Earth Prime-Time, particularly of Starfleet and specifically of the starship Enterprise in all its incarnations.

(It may have been accidental if it had been done by the Doctor, who normally believes that History must not be re-written, "not one line!" It's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble, that he lost his 500 year diary while visiting early 1960's Los Angeles and Roddenberry's televersion found it.)
This would go against the established story of how Roddenberry came to create 'Star Trek', as recounted in 'Pioneers of Television', but the episode that focused on science fiction did say that Roddenberry's story could have been just that - a story......
As for the televersion of George R.R. Martin (who so far has portrayed himself in behind-the-scenes footage for 'Game Of Thrones' and seen patronizing a restaurant in the "Fever" episode of 'Beauty And The Beast' - unlike Roddenberry, no other actor has portrayed him), it could be that he somehow stumbled upon the ancient lore of Mondas brought to Toobworld by Eve Norta. But that doesn't really seem likely - such materials must have long since been lost to the erosion of Time, and she must have crash-landed on Toobworld far from where Martin lived.

This scenario would be more likely - surely there must have been pockets of resistance on Mondas against the transformation of the planet's humans into the Cybermen, even to the very end of the planet's existence. One of those last humans, like Eve Norta before them, may have escaped the planet by rocket-ship as it approached the Sol system in the mid-1980's, bringing with him (or her) tales of the realms in Westeros long ago. This time, the Mondasian ship crashed in a location accessible to the televersion of George R.R. Martin, or the Mondasian human may have actively sought out someone of Martin's talent to tell the tale of Mondas, to keep its heritage alive.

This could also have all been done automatically, like the Kataanian beacon seen in the "Inner Light" episode of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'. In fact, a Mondasian beacon (perhaps based on technology stolen from the Kataanians while Mondas traveled the universe) may have made contact with the minds of several likely candidates, so that many aspects of Mondasian culture could be kept alive; Martin only received the information about the realms of Westeros during the Mondasian Middle Ages.
And that would be why Chuck Bartowski would be able to read a book about Eddard Stark from another planet while Stark's storyline is also playing out in the same TV Universe.

So that's good enough for the book series; but what about any future Zonks that might mention the TV series? (And my prediction is that it will be 'The Big Bang Theory' that does it first.) If it happens, then we let Toobworld follow the real world's lead - that somebody decided the books were good enough to develop a TV series about them. And if any scenes from the actual series are shown on Toobworld TV sets, then we'll just say that the actors hired bore incredible likenesses to the "real" people who lived in Westeros on the planet Mondas a very long time ago.......

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