Friday, January 28, 2011


Although sex reassignment surgeries were publicized world-wide in late 1952, men had been getting their genders changed years before Christine Jorgenson. And I don't see why that couldn't be the case as well in Toobworld. And if so, why couldn't some of the female TV characters we've seen over the years have that type of secret in their background? They may be played by actresses, but couldn't there be a few women who were once men?

I mean no disrespect to the actress who played her, and I had this idea before I learned of the slurs about her own personal life which she fought in the courts, but I'm thinking of at least one TV character who was presented as a woman, but who might have been a man before undergoing the surgeries - Mrs. Roberts, in an episode of 'Burke's Law'.

Aside from the strong definition to her features that gives her a hardened look, and that husky nature to her voice, nothing suggests that the woman could be a man. But once I got the idea in my head, it was hard not to see that the pozz'bility existed.

Captain Burke may have sensed her secret and wasn't open-minded about it. "You don't like me," Mrs. Roberts said to him. But then, she had been making a very blatant attempt to come on to him, and he may have been repulsed just by that alone.

It wasn't just Amos Burke who was put off by Mrs. Roberts......
Detective Tim Tilson:
"A woman like that makes me nervous."

Sgt. Les Hart:
I've got news for you, son.
I've been around a lot longer,
And a woman like that makes me nervous too

She and her husband had separate bedrooms and an arrangement in their marriage. She was more of a trophy for him and she had access to his wealth and fame. If she was a transgender, it could be that he probably didn't even know about it. Secrets go both ways - she didn't know her husband had a brother, for example.

Near the end, the conversation between Mrs. Roberts and Captain Burke took on a new dimension if we listen to it with that suggestion in mind....
Captain Burke:
"I've learned a great deal about you too."

Mrs. Roberts:
"Have you?"

Captain Burke:
Oh, we all leave a trail behind.
All you really have to do is learn how to pick up the signs

Mrs. Roberts:
"And what did you find?"

Captain Burke:
"You've been on a few safaris all by yourself."

Double entendre? It could be that Mrs. Roberts got the sex change in order to make it easier to chase after other men as a woman. And just because she caught herself a husband, that didn't mean the hunt was over. She said as much herself earlier in the episode......

Mrs. Roberts:
"We all hunt... in one way or another....."

It's definitely an idea that was not in the script, nor in the interpretation by the actress. But it's a theory that just might be pozz'ble, just pozz'ble......
Oh yeah?
Then where's her Adam's Apple?


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