Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Sean Lee Levin went the extra metron and found more information about Dr. Jacoby of 'Twin Peaks' in the IMDb forums. It was submitted by an "Evedammit" back in 2005 and it supplies yet another TV show connection to the David Lynch/Mark Frost cult classic.

He played Dr. Jacoby on 'Twin Peaks' in `90 and he also played a Dr. Jacoby on 'General Hospital' a few years later- anybody here watch it then & remember it? His Dr. Jacoby on G.H. was a sociopath who did some awful things to the Emily character {who was then being portrayed by Russ's real-life daughter Amber}.

Was it just a coincidence of the names or was the character of Dr. Jacoby being continued on in another show for quirkiness's sake? And if it WAS supposed to be the same Dr. Jacoby, was it explained how his G.H. era Dr. Jacoby devolved into such a twisted character from the merely weird Dr. Jacoby on 'Twin Peaks'?
Sean's suggestion in his note to me seems to be the best pozz'ble splainin: that the second Dr. Jacoby who showed up in Port Charles, NY, in 2000 must be the evil twin of Dr. Lawrence Jacoby.

Of course, it's also pozz'ble, just pozz'ble, that it IS Lawrence Jacoby and - like FBI Agent Dale Cooper before him - he's possessed by an evil spirit brought back from the Black Lodge in that other dimension.

In fact, it could be the same evil spirit that previously possessed Cooper, sliding into one host after another.

Or it could be Redjac....... Either way, it would appear that by 2011, Dr. Jacoby was free of the evil spirit. Otherwise why would he bother to send Walter Bishop those 3D specs?

And where could that evil spirit be by now? Maybe providing commentary and analysis on Fox News.....

How's Annie Coulter? How's Annie Coulter? How's Annie Coulter?

As always, thanks, Sean!

'Twin Peaks'
'General Hospital'
'Star Trek'
'Battlestar Galactica' (Trust me, it's in there.)


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