Sunday, January 23, 2011


Years ago, MCI had a "Friends & Family" phone deal commercial that utilized many of the cast members from the original 'Star Trek'... plus an added guest.....

I'm guessing this could have come out around the same time as "Star Trek 10: Generations", when the 'TNG' cast took over the movie franchise. But I could be wrong.

This isn't a Zonk, of course. No mention is made of the 'Star Trek' franchise; none of the actors refer to their characters. It's just a bunch of actors whom we know to be forever associated with the greatest sci-fi contribution to Toobworld. And that doesn't necessarily mean this local chapter of the League of Themselves weren't all connected to some other TV or movie project within the reality of the TV Universe.

Why would they be so put out by the presence of Frakes? Maybe he directed them in some disasterous project they'd all sooner forget....


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Brian Leonard said...

WOW!! I never saw this before! Muchas gracias!