Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Team Toobworld to the rescue!

In yesterday's post about the connection between 'Fringe' and 'Twin Peaks', I stated that there were no actual connections to 'Twin Peaks' made in the homage episode of 'Psych' entitled "Dual Spires". But fellow Wold Newton enthusiast and FB friend Sean Lee Levin set me straight on that:

The 'Psych' episode did have what could be interpreted as a solid connection to the series: at the beginning, Shawn tells Gus that he just read online that a woman in Washington invented noiseless drape runners in the early '90s, a clear reference to Nadine Hurley.

He's right. I can't believe that slipped me by. But at the same time, I'm a lot like Detective Lassiter when it comes to what Shawn says - I just brush it off as nonsense talk. (That's a picture of Nadine with her noiseless drape runner prototype to the left.....)

You can find Sean's (not Shawn's) blog listed in my blog-roll to the left - "Diary Of A Madman".....

Thanks, Sean!

This is Inner Toob post number 6,000!

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