Thursday, January 27, 2011


Bruce Gordon with Robert Stack

Actor Bruce Gordon has died at the age of 94. Best known for a variety of tough guys in Westerns and crime dramas like 'Perry Mason', 'Gunsmoke', 'Maverick', and spoofing his image in shows like 'Get Smart' and 'Run, Buddy, Run', perhaps Gordon's most famous role was that of Frank Nitti in the classic TV series 'The Untouchables'. (By coincidence, Mr. Gordon died about a week after Paul Picerni, who played Agent Hobson in that same series.)

So it was only fitting that Nitti serve as the "As Seen On TV" showcase for today......

'The Untouchables'
"Alcatraz Express"
'Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse'

Bruce Gordon

From Wikipedia:
Francesco Raffaele Nittoni, AKA Frank Nitto, AKA Frank 'The Enforcer' Nitti" (January 27, 1881 – March 19, 1943) was an Italian American gangster. One of the top henchmen of Al Capone, in charge of all strongarm and muscle operations. Nitti was later the front-man for the Chicago Outfit, the organized crime syndicate headed by Capone.
Nitti was portrayed on television several other times, but Bruce Gordon will be the official televersion for Earth Prime-Time, the main Toobworld.

'The Untouchables' (1993)
Played by Paul Regina
This version would be placed in the TV dimension of remakes.

"The Revenge of Al Capone" (1989)
Played by Alan Rosenberg

"Frank Nitti: The Enforcer" (1988)
Played by Anthony LaPaglia

"Playhouse 90"
- Seven Against the Wall
Played by Tige Andrews
Andrews' version may have been the first to be seen on television, but the amount of appearances by Gordon as Nitti gives him the edge. Perhaps these special cases should get their own TV dimension, which would include Ronald Howard's version of 'Sherlock Holmes' and Art Carney in the original production of "The Strange World Of Horace Ford"......

One other point - expect to see Bruce Gordon's portrayal of Frank Nitti pop up again here at Inner Toob before the year is out.....


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