Tuesday, November 2, 2010


From AOL News:

By Deborah Huso
With cold and flu season upon us again, many of us are wondering just how dangerous this year's viruses are following the swine flu scare of last winter. Yesterday, the Daily Mail Reporter claimed an 18-year-old woman in Kent had died at the King's College Hospital in London following a cold virus infection she had had for only two days.

Danielle Booker reportedly complained of normal cold symptoms accompanied by a headache, and within a day had lost feeling in her hands and legs before falling into unconsciousness. Her virus had apparently spread to her brain, and neurosurgeons were unable to save her.

Could it happen to you?

Unlikely, experts say. Dr. Matt Likavec, a neurosurgeon with the MetroHealth System in Cleveland, told AOL Health that he's never seen a cold or flu virus spread to the brain and that when it happens, it's likely because the patient already had other auto-immune complications.

From "The Big Bang Theory":

Oh, I take pacts very seriously. One time at my lab, a petri dish of genetically modified super-virus went missing. That day we made a pinky swear never to admit we crossed Ebola with the common cold.


Why the hell would you cross Ebola with the common cold?


We never did. That would be a terrible, terrible thing......

Just sayin', is all.....


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