Friday, November 5, 2010



Back in September, Inner Toob marked the passing of Edwin Newman. At the time, I wrote:

Putting aside all of the air time he had as a newsman, and even his appearances on talk shows and game shows, Mr. Newman tallied up an impressive number of appearances as himself in several TV movies and sitcoms:

"Elvis Meets Nixon"


'Murphy Brown'


'The Golden Girls'

'Mr. Belvedere'


'Not Necessarily The News'

These programs would serve for him, as well as representing his televersion in Skitlandia:

"Lily For President?"

"Tom Arnold: The Naked Truth 3"

"Mr. Miller Goes To Washington"

'Saturday Night Live'

I think it likely we'll see Edwin Newman joining the ranks of the TV Crossover Hall of Fame next year.

Since then, I decided that I shouldn't put such things off. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? And if I'm not here to run things, that will be the end of the Toobworld concept. (Philip Jose Farmer had Win Scott Eckert to pick up the torch for the Wold Newton Universe......)

So with all of those credits to his credit (Sorry about that, Chief), we're inducting Edwin Newman into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame for November - the month traditionally reserved for newsmakers and newscasters.


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