Monday, November 1, 2010


Sergio Aragones' birthday was back in September, and I probably should have saved this for next year. But it's been awhile since I featured somebody from the Tooniverse, and there's never a bad time for saluting an artist like Mr. Aragones.




Here's a tip of the hat from comics scribe and cartoon director Mark Evanier, who counts Sergio Aragones as his best friend (at least with facial hair):

Sergio may well be the most-honored cartoonist ever. If there's an award you can get for drawing silly pictures, he's got at least one of 'em, maybe several. When we go places, I see folks line up to meet him. Many are wanna-be artists who think just being next to the guy is going to make them better in some way. I'm not sure it doesn't for some. I don't draw any better because of our association. In fact, if anything, it's caused me to practice less because...well, what's the point of drawing when he's around? It's not like you could possibly be as good or as fast or as funny. But others are so inspired by him that I'm sure it makes them better. And folks who don't aspire to cartooning careers like being around him because he's just a neat guy.

The secret of Sergio's creativity is all about attitude and in his outlook on the world, which is always fresh and funny and young. Remember what I wrote here recently about how writers should love writing? Well, Sergio loves drawing. Still does and always will. And doing something you love, day in and day out, turns out to be a great way to never get old.


[I also chose Mr. Aragones because having a head in a jar as the subject made for a great way to cap off Halloween.... Who knows? In a thousand years, they may be the new Jack O' Lanterns!]

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