Thursday, November 4, 2010


'The Walking Dead' takes place in a TV dimension in which the world is decimated by zombies. And even though 'Dead Set' from Great Britain came first by two years, both shows are concurrent. (All of that was covered in the first post today for "Zombie Thursday".)

In fact, this deviation from Earth Prime-Time begins with these two shows. Up until the zombie apocalypse begins, this version of Toobworld was probably just like the main Toobworld - with Obama as President (that could change as 'The Walking Dead' continues), with small towns like Fernwood, Cicely, and Hooterville, and with a slightly deranged woman "vlogging" about Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. (Sorry, Thom!)

So why was there a zombie outbreak in Earth Prime-Time/undead and not in Earth Prime-Time? As we saw in the 'Community' episode "Epidemiology" (discussed earlier today as well), the pozz'bility was there for it to happen.

But as I pointed out, the quick fix to the zombie outbreak - by lowering the room temperature - wasn't enough. There had to be a more permanent solution found in the main Toobworld that wasn't available in the zombie Toobworld.

I think it could have been the Doctor.

It's likely that there were other outbreaks of the "zombie virus" in the area surrounding Greendale Community College in Colorado - that's why it took the military six hours to finally show up. And I think in that time, the Gallifreyan Time Lord of 'Doctor Who' was able to come up with a permanent solution to the problem.

So what was it? That's not for me to guess. I'm throwing it out there to the fanficcers; let them explore the pozz'bilities. And it's the type of situation in which you could summon any one of the eleven incarnations of the Doctor - maybe one or more working together! - as well as any characters from other TV shows - past, present or even future! -, to either help out, be a hindrance, or wind up as a victim. Mulder and Scully of 'The X-Files'? Dr. Walter Bishop of 'Fringe'? Maybe Dr. Loveless from 'The Wild, Wild West'? Or a few members of the Carrington family as seen in 'Dynasty' appearing as zombies?

And what happened to the Doctor over there in that dimension? Why didn't Earth Prime-Time/zombie have a doppelganger for the Time Lord?

Maybe over there he actually died instead of regenerating after his eighth incarnation.......

Anything is pozz'ble, just pozz'ble, in Toobworld!

If you enjoy writing that sort of thing, why not take a whack at it? Then give me the chance to read it....


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