Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Well, if I'm going to follow 'The Event' via online episode recaps, I can forget about Alan Sepinwall as an option - he watched three episodes and declared that he's finished with it.
In "Faceless Killers", a 'Wallander' episode seen on 'Masterpiece Mystery!', Rune Bergman played Johannes Lovgren. And Michael Gould played Rune Bergman. Toobworld Central has already decreed that end credits play no part in the reality of Toobworld, but I just thought this was a pretty cool turn of events.....
My Little Buddy over in Taiwan asked me about a scene where a guy got tied to a light pole and then was struck with uncontrollable diahrrea. He said I showed him that scene. Sounds like the finale of an episode of 'Two And A Half Men' and definitely something that happened to Alan Harper. But when I googled enough of the relevant terms to confirm, all that came up was an angry VERY LONG screed against BP. Great. "AmericanNazi666" is the only one who can back me up.....
Did you watch 'Community' last week? Did you see Abed's storyline play out in the background? Come on - be honest. I totally missed it. And I blame Annie. Well, actually the way she fills out the t-shirt. (I have to admit Alison Brie's a great actress - I love her on this show, but don't like her character in 'Mad Men'. That's a testament to how she can separate the characters from herself.)

Here's a video compilation of Abed's "back-story" from last week. (Thanks to Rob for leading the way!)

Right now, there is nothing more annoying on television to me than the ring-tone on Wallander's cell phone.....

BCnU (for now)

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