Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The penultimate episode of 'Rubicon' on AMC climaxed with an event that might lead to the series being banished to an alternate TV dimension.

I hope not.

As it stands now, I think it could be saved and the "event" absorbed into the overall scheme of things played out in Earth Prime-Time, in much the same way as the Eugenics War has been.

We'll see what happens in next Sunday's finale.

But in the meantime, here's a Super Six List of those shows from this year that have already been banished to alternate TV dimensions (and probably none of them are sharing the same one).

We've already discussed this series here at Inner Toob. It could have remained in the main Toobworld with Tom Selleck's Frank Reagan as the NYC Police Commissioner - Raymond Kelley of the real world has never been incorporated into the fictional world of Earth Prime-Time. But NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg has, with appearances on 'Law & Order', '30 Rock', and a Muppets Christmas special. Since 'Blue Bloods' has a different mayor played by Bruce Altman, OUT IT GOES!

We already dealt with this show as well. If only this had been a continuation of the original series rather than a remake, it could have remained. Only the names needed to be changed to protect the originals, but noooooo! (And even then, we could have kept the new Danno and the new Chin Ho Kelly with the appropriate splainins.) But there can only be one Steve McGarrett in the main Toobworld, so OUT IT GOES!

This is the most common reason a show gets bumped to its own dimension: As the current President of the United States in Toobworld is Barack Obama, just like in the real world, and since the POTUS on this show is named Martinez, OUT IT GOES!

We went into this at length after it was announced that the show was going into hiatus. Some suit must have read my arguments (as if!) because now the show is cancelled. And the reason why it had to be dismissed? Not for the POTUS but for the SCOTUS: the members of the Supreme Court in this show were too different from the real world versions which were featured in shows like 'Boston Legal', 'Picket Fences', and in the TV movie "Recount". So OUT IT GOES!

The second season will begin in November, but the show didn't debut until January of this year. Everything was going smoothly for this fun show - I even found a way to splain a way around the fact that it had already been a TV series back in the early nineties so that it could avoid the remake stigma, unlike 'H5O'. I was even using it as a tent-pole in my theory on how to track Redjac through the current Toobworld timeline! But then they had to introduce a totally different Queen Elizabeth, and have her heir apparent be designated as the Princess of Wales (which is a title that doesn't exist in the real world). And you know what that means..... OUT IT GOES!

This show won't debut until the very appropriate night of Halloween, but you can surely guess why this show had to go - a world decimated by a zombie virus has no place in the main TV Universe. So, what happens then, Team Toobworld? OUT IT GOES!

BRAINNNNNNNNSSSSSSS.........! (Hush, Maudling!)



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Hi Toby i like the list of super six shows and blue blood is my favorite.

Anonymous said...


Princess of Wales is a title in the real world, but it is seldom used in full. Princess Diana was, in fact, Princess of Wales by virtue of being Charles' wife. Camilla is precluded from using the title, however.