Friday, October 15, 2010


There was another dubious addition to the Toobworld timeline recently on '30 Rock', one which I think Ivan of "Thrilling Days of Yesteryear" was one of the few to spot.

Kenneth the NBC page was seen holding a framed picture of Fred Allen, which was signed to Kenneth. According to the acerbic radio comedian, Kenneth was the "TOPS!"

Kenneth is about 37 years old, and Fred Allen died about 17 years before he was even born.......

There are those who think Kenneth is immortal, and supposedly there is dialogue from the show that supports this theory. (I've been laughing too hard from watching '30 Rock' that sometimes whole sequences pass me by. So I can't judge.)

But I think there is a simpler splainin: Fred Allen in the TV Universe is a ghost, haunting the NBC studios, and especially Studio 8H.

Somehow Kenneth befriended the spirit of the late comic; and to show his appreciation, Mr. Allen signed that picture over to him.

See? Simple.

Maybe not so simple after all.....

Looking at a larger version of the picture I noticed that Fred Allen supposedly signed it on February 21st, 1947. Maybe there's some truth to the idea that Kenneth is immortal.

Or maybe.... in an untelevised, unwritten adventure, the time-traveling Gallifreyan known as the Doctor may have picked up Kenneth as a Companion after he was fired from NBC and before he came back to work there as a page. And they had an adventure which brought them into contact with Fred Allen... and some alien creature.......

Any fanficcers out there who want to run with that idea? Here's a clue they have to decipher: the phrase "It's in the bag"!


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