Saturday, October 16, 2010


Rob Buckley, who runs the fourth most popular TV blog in the UK*, has put together a series of NBC clips showing the differences between the East Coast and West Coast versions of the live broadcast of '30 Rock' this week.

My friend Sean over in Taiwan watched both of them and he preferred the West Coast version. But that was also the first one he watched. While I naturally watched the East Coast version first and preferred that one. (Tracy Morgan didn't flub his line the first time around; and the black hand transplant was funnier than the PSA with the woman's hand.)

It's like reading a book and then watching the movie made from it, or vice versa - Order determines Preference.

O'Bviously the discrepancies between both demand a televisiological splainin and there's an easy one. The East Coast version is how the episode played out on the original Toobworld timeline. But after the 'Primeval' reboot of that timeline, the West Coast version is how it now played out. For the most part it remained the same, only

As for the difference in its look from how the series normally appears? The show provided its own splainin: the live on tape look and feel was all an alcohol-deprived point of view from Jack Donaghy. That doesn't quite splain why scenes in the cockpit with Carol also had that look, but it doesn't really matter. Lots of TV series in the Earth Prime-Time universe have different looks to them, based on being taped or filmed, but in the end that's just perception. They still share the same world.

Anyhoo, Rob put a lot of work into compiling those NBC clips and I thought it would be nice to re-direct traffic from my site over to "The Medium Is Not Enough" so that you can watch them there. (Not that he needs my help - his site is the fourth most popular TV blog in the UK, after all*.)

Check out the differences here:

As one of the two fake commercials during the broadcast, Dr. Drew Baird received a black convict's hand in a transplant the first time around, only to get a woman's hand in the new timeline. (And both of them were possessed, a la "The Hand Of Borgus Weems" from 'Night Gallery'.)

For the differences between the two PSA's with Doctor Baird and his new hands, take a trip over to the Vancouver Sun:


* And that's official! You can check out "The Medium Is Not Enough" for yourself. You'll find the link there to the left, Tooblings.

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