Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Have you ever gone to bed, and just before you dropped off to sleep, an idea came to you that you had to get up and write it up? It happened to me tonight.

In Monday's 'How I Met Your Mother', Ted visited a website called "Grade My Teacher" in which students could leave comments about their professors. On his page, Ted found over sixty complimentary entries, calling him a "compelling" "visionary".

But then the dream was shattered by one lone dismissal of "boring".

It threw Ted into a funk for the rest of the episode.

So what was it about that scene that made me jump out of bed?

I'm thinking that there will be a call-back to that scene at some point in the future when Ted finally meets the "Mother" of the title. And after they've been dating for a while, he'll finally find out that she was the one who left the "boring" comment on "Grade Your Teacher" dot net.

It would certainly put a crimp in their relationship for at least an episode.....

If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. But if I'm right, I just wanted to document it here so that I can do my Toobworld Victory dance when it happens. (There will be no video of that, sorry. It won't be pretty.)

And just to show that it didn't just happen now, here's my Facebook status of when I first announced it, just after I jumped up out of bed, tracked down the video and made the screen capture.....
We shall see what we shall view.....


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