Monday, August 30, 2010


Bart 'Maverick' met the Wheelwright clan of the Subrosa ranch in the episode "Three Queens Full". Joe Wheelwright was the patriarch of the clan, grandson of "Four-Square" Wheelwright who had a reputation for being the most honest man in the territory. (Actually it turned out that he would often double-cross the Indians.) Joe Wheelwright's sons were Henry, Moose, and Small Paul (who may have shared tele-genetic stock with an outlaw also seen in 'Maverick' - Kid Curran). The Wheelwrights were mean to be parodies of the Cartwright boys of 'Bonanza', but Toobworld Central looks upon them as being their own characters and not Ben, Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe with aliases. Four-Square Wheelwright had another grandson, who may have been either Joe's brother or his cousin. His name was Verle Wheelwright and he ran gambling casinos. He had an alias, that of Big Creel Roberts, when he was running the Oriental Casino in Tombstone. But he must have reverted back to Verle Wheelwright after Bat Masterson ran him out of town. Once he re-established himself with a new gambling emporium, Wheelwright also tangled with two men named Thaddeus Jones and Joshua Smith. Smith and Jones were able to pull a fast one over on Wheelwright after he tried to cheat them out of the money he owed them. (This happened after a game of poker which they won fairly.) Neither Verle nor Joe ever mentioned having a brother, or even a cousin, but that's not unusual in Toobworld. How many times have we seen TV characters go years in their shows before a never before mentioned sibling shows up?

Just a theory of relateeveety as our Western-themed month of August winds down.....
'Bat Masterson'
'Alias Smith And Jones'

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