Thursday, September 2, 2010

90210 DAY

September 9, 2010


Even the Huffington Post has noted the date and its significance.

For those of you who liked 'Beverly Hills 90210', I hope you have a great time celebrating the occasion today. For me, it's another day closer to the Apocalypse. ( wasn't too happy with me for pointing that out in a Facebook comment on their page. But then, it just didn't sit right that the "occasion" was being used to shill the show. Oh, well - I saw the point in their response, that I was insulting legit fans, and they were right. I apologize for doing so - over there. Here in my own bailiwick it's a whole nutha story......)

I can't think off-hand of this happening with any other show, having a built-in reason to celebrate. So I hope those fans who do like '90210' indulge in the opportunity while they have the chance.... It won't come around again for a century!


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