Monday, August 30, 2010


During this month-long celebration of the TV Western, we come to the end of the month with the loss of an actress connected to one of the first of the "contemporary" TV Westerns. Gloria Winters, who played Penny on 'Sky King', passed away from complications of pneumonia at the age of 78.

Only a few weeks ago, 'Sky King' came up here at Inner Toob with a "theory of relateeveety" that linked it to 'Maverick'. Mrs. Winters-Vernon played Penny King, the niece to the title character (and according to Toobworld Central, both of them descended from outlaw Buckskin Charlie King.)

She was also a regular on 'The Life Of Riley' when Jackie Gleason played the lead role. (The later version of the series with William Bendix is the official version of Earth Prime-Time.)

'Sky King' was before my time, but I have several older friends for whom Penny King was one of their first crushes. And it's to preserve their memories of her that I think we should consider Penny King to have passed away in Toobworld as well.

Good night, and may God bless.


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