Sunday, February 7, 2010


For Super Bowl Sunday, here's a list of pro football teams that can be found in the TV Universe. (I've also included a few teams from the Tooniverse as well.)

Some of these teams, like the Metropolis Sharks, will be found in alternate TV dimensions. Others which share the same team name - and that would be the "Cougars" - may have moved around in the league between their appearances on other shows.

California Wildcats - 'Monk'

Los Angeles Cougars - 'The Incredible Hulk'
Dayton Cougars - '1st & Ten'

Cougars - 'Playmakers'
(In 'Playmakers', the Cougars could have been the second team from Toronto, after the Mustangs of '1st & Ten'. This is because of the use of Toronto locales, including the stadium, during filming. Based on the series timelines, the Cougars would have moved from Los Angeles to Dayton to Toronto.)

London Jets - 'Red Dwarf'

New Jersey Blazers - 'Magnum P.I.'

Pittsburgh Ironmen - 'Queer as Folk'

San Diego Sabres - 'The Game'

San Francisco Condors - 'Monk'

Seattle Cobras - 'iCarly' (I may be wrong on this one; it could be a high school team.)

Texas Angels - 'The A-Team'

Los Angeles Mighty Bucks - 'Coach'

Orlando Breakers - 'Coach'

London Royals - 'Earth: Final Conflict'

Los Angeles Quakes - 'Earth: Final Conflict'

Metropolis Sharks - 'Smallville'

Leopards - 'Murder, She Wrote'
(No city affiliation given. Looks to be in California or American Southwest.)

San Francisco Hawks - 'McMillan & Wife'
(I wrote about them in the past - they probably became the Condors from that 'Monk' episode.....)

California Bulls - '1st & Ten'

Chicago Huskies - '1st & Ten'

Houston Stallions - '1st & Ten'

Houston Riggers - '1st & Ten'

Phoenix Warriors - '1st & Ten'

Toronto Mustangs - '1st & Ten'

Other cities were mentioned on '1st & Ten' as having teams, but they were not identified by nickname. These include Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Miami. We can make the theoretical link that the Pittsburgh team was the Ironmen from 'Queer As Folk'.

London Silly Nannies - 'Family Guy'

South Park Cows - 'South Park'

Boston Colonials - 'Batman: The Animated Series'

Shelbyville Sharks - 'The Simpsons'

Springfield Atoms - 'The Simpsons'

Springfield Meltdowns - 'The Simpsons'

As for this year's Super Bowl, I have no vested interest in either team. I'll be recording it for the blipverts!


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