Friday, February 12, 2010


So the Great Experiment is over, as far as the design layout of the Inner Toob blog.

After receiving a comment that the new logo heading was flawed when I added the graphic, I tried out many of the other templates available from Blogger. I found a nice centered heading that worked well with the Inner Toob graphic.... However, I wasn't in love with the lack of borders. And I couldn't get the font to look exactly as it had before.

I experimented with other versions of the logo; to see if I could get it centered in its original template. But that didn't work. So I went back to my original template - "Sand Dollar".

And that's when I accidentally stumbled across the way to change the ugly color I had in that leftover block of space from some kind of mustard to white. I probably shoulld have gone with black to match the logo. And I probably will once I can get the Blogger equipment to cooperate again.....

So I'm back to the basic original with the font and the colors and the logo basically right where I want them. And it feels comfortable.

There's no place like home....


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