Friday, February 12, 2010


Okay, here's another of my favorite blipverts from this year's Super Bowl:

Betty White wasn't appearing as herself so this wouldn't qualify for her tally in the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame. Not that it matters since she's already a member.

Betty was playing a guy named Mike, who was playing football with his friends as though he was Betty White. So we saw Mike as the others perceived him until his girl-friend gave him a Snickers to renew his energy.

In a way, this is a fantasy figure of Betty White that can be grouped with Sinbad, Oprah, Rob Thomas, and Jim Nantz who appeared as fantasy versions of themselves in various sitcoms.

And as for Abe Vigoda? Based on the way he was dressed, maybe the other players were supposedly channeling a vision of Detective 'Fish' when they looked at the quarterback as his energy sagged. But since that would constitute a Zonk, I'll just stick with Abe Vigoda as the fantasy.

Ugh. Some fantasy....!

"That's not what your girl-friend said!"


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