Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Media focus has been on Miami the last two weeks with the Super Bowl, and now that the Saints have won and taken the trophy back to New Orleans - site of the future HBO series 'Treme' - it's FINALLY time for Toobworld to address a Miami zonk from last year......

Back in May of 2009, CBS began showing a logo for 'CSI: Miami' in its promotional materials that displayed the city skyline with palm tree bookends. And one particular building jammed up against the title of the show.

Unfortunately, the imagery wasn't of Miami; but of Tampa.

I suppose I could have gone into a long-winded and probably boring - if it isn't already! - splainin about how the tele-Miami would look different from that of the real world. After all, there are plenty of buildings in the televersion of New York City that don't exist in the Big Apple I know. (Especially since a lot of shows supposedly set in NYC are often filmed in other cities like Vancouver.)

But instead I'm just going to invoke the same rule I use with the credits - this logo just doesn't apply to Toobworld. It's something only the audience viewing at home would have seen, and I'm fairly certain that unless you lived in Miami or Tampa, or at best, Florida in general, you had no clue there was something wrong with the image anyway.

Now, if they ever showed Horatio Caine whipping off his sunglasses in front of that building, then they better have established that he was visiting Tampa. Otherwise, then we would have to make the claim that the same architect got paid twice for designing the same building in two different cities.

Actually, that wouldn't be so odd in Toobworld. Eventually I'll have a post ready about how the same design for a mansion must have been used at least twenty times in the Los Angeles area - considering how many times it shows up in episodes of 'Burke's Law'..... BCnU!

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