Thursday, February 11, 2010


Through Facebook and the Idiot's Delight Digest, I've been telling folks today about "The Cave", a song by Mumford & Sons which is used as the musical bed for the BBC Drama 2010 video.

So now Dailymotion finally sends me an email with a link to their video for the song. Belated serendipiteevee!

Here's the official video for the Mumford & Sons song "The Cave":

And here's how it's used for the BBC Drama 2010 promo:

Of course, I'm eager for the new 'Doctor Who', more 'Being Human' and 'Ashes To Ashes', 'Wallander', "Lennon Naked" and anything with Billie Piper. But I'm hoping BBC-A will also deliver 'Luther', 'The Deep', "The Sinking Of The Laconia" and especially the adaptation of Martin Amis' "Money" with Nick Frost.
And I'm curious about that "Five Days". Was that Bernard Cribbins? No listing for that production in the IMDb. Anybody know about it? Anyone? Bueller.....


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Brian Leonard said...

So we don't know yet if or when these will be on BBC America?